CancerAid for Providers

Learn how you can implement CancerAid to improve your patient’s experience.
Enhance your patient experience

CancerAid not only provides your patients with a gold-standard resource, but provides innovation for your brand and enhances your patient’s healthcare experience with you.

Manage care and progress remotely

CancerAid provides you with a platform to monitor progress and provide care without needing to be face-to-face with your patient. This is a first of its kind feature never before utilised in an app.

Conduct research more efficiently

CancerAid allows clinical research to be conducted more efficiently by providing you with a platform to recruit patients for clinical studies and capture real-time patient data.


Join these leading Institutions, Research Groups and Specialists using CancerAid


While your patients can download the app for free in the App Stores, a CancerAid license can be purchased by Cancer Institutions, Private Specialists and Research Groups for enhanced patient engagement and management. This license allows you to:

  • Provide innovation for your brand
  • Enhance your patient’s experience
  • Gain visibility through individualised Specialist profiles
  • Conduct research and real-time data capture more efficiently
  • Provide digital resources with greater ease
  • Promote events and campaigns within the CancerAid Community