Our Team

CancerAid was founded in August 2015 by a team of Cancer Doctors who wanted to improve the lives of cancer patients on a global scale. Cancer patients and carers experience anxiety, feel disorganised, have limited access to care, and can feel isolated during their journey. CancerAid was developed to address each of these issues and become the go-to resource for anyone affected by cancer.
Our Vision

To help cancer sufferers worldwide and make CancerAid the go-to tool for anyone diagnosed with cancer.

Our Experience

A team of cancer Doctors working alongside business experts with the help of over 300 cancer specialists working on our unique app.

Our Partnerships

We have partnerships with peak body organisations, health insurance providers, doctors and cancer charities on a global scale.


Dr Nikhil Pooviah
Founder & CEO


Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh
Co-Founder & COO

Dr Gina Hesselberg
Chief Engagement Officer


Dr Martin Seneviratne
Chief Technical Officer

Dr Jina Rhou
Chief Content Officer

Hélio Baptista Martins
Head of Product

Dr Kastoori Hingorani
Head of Partnerships

Dr Clement Chao

Dr Clement Chao
Research Manager

Dr Zachary Tan
Community Manager


Jane Davies
Copyright Manager

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